Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner

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Catalog Number: GJ-MAS-YXG Series
Brand: Felvik
Technology: Magnetic
Features: Magnetic Liner Used for Magnetic False Eyelashes, Vegan & Toxin Free, Easy to Apply. No Adhesive Needed! No Mess!
Volume: 3ml/bottle
Colors: Black

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Magnetic Eyeliner is designed for magnetic false eyelashes.

Material contains: Isododecane. Silicic Acid. Trimethylsiloxysilicate. Diazolidinyl Urea. Phenoxyethanol Black Iron Oxide (CI 77499).

liquid eyeliner

This eyeliner is very easy to apply.

Just add 2 coats then wait a few seconds and it stayed on all night! Easy to get off just add water and eye makeup remover and the lashes were in perfect shape to use again!

This eyeliner is thick and can be easily smudge when putting it on. Lovely as an eyeliner, amazing as magnetic eyeliner. You need a good oil based cleanser to remove it.

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REMOVAL the Eyeliner

How to REMOVAL: Due to its super long lasting and waterproof feature, the best way to remove the liner is with a cotton tip and soaked in the remover, then rub it over the lash liner until its removed, please be gentle and not to rubble your eyes too hard

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